!Hola, I'm Biguita


Beaumont is my home.

This city warmly welcomed me and my family when we needed a place to begin again. I am excited to share that we have put roots down in Beaumont with a new generation of grand-babies and I want to pour my experience into this amazing city on a larger scale.

I believe that the people are the most important element of society, and without the vigor of the people there is no city. Our people should have the opportunities to reach for their goals, to be inspired by the success stories of the city, and be excited to stay in Beaumont. Our people must be able to do this fearlessly being true to their authentic selves while embracing the diversity of their community.


Each pillar of my platform is People Driven. People are at the foundation of a Bigger and Better Beaumont. 

I could describe myself in many ways: by what I do professionally or by the beautiful relationships I've been blessed with - as a daughter, a mother, wife, and a grandmother.
But the common thread that weaves my life together is my passion for people. Stitching together my faith, my drive, and proven leadership, I have the skills and experience to gather the citizens of Beaumont together and guide our city into an time of growth as your next Mayor!
  • Workforce Development

  • Industry Diversification

  • COVID 19- Assessment and Pro-Active Task Force

  • Community & Law Enforcement Relations

  • Arts & Culture

  • Unity


"I hope that you can see that my love for the people of Beaumont and our city is undeniable. I will be relentless in my efforts to ensure that Beaumont reaches new heights always with consideration to the people of Beaumont first. 

Elect me, Biguita Hernandez-Smith as your Mayor. Together we will Build, Inspire and Grow. Thank you for all of your support."