My Platform


 Workforce Development


With the professional experience that I have, I can definitively pledge to deliver local jobs to the local people. I will work with state representatives to amend relevant tax law to ensure that when tax abatement agreements take place a business will:

  1. Be mandated to deliver jobs and /or training apprenticeships to position local residents to receive jobs and/or be qualified for jobs

  2. Oversight of these deliverables will be done by business, school district and the city to ensure checks and balances.
    In other words, when new industry comes in, you won't watch those jobs go to people outside the community.

I will work closely with BISD to ensure programs of study in career and technical education are relevant to the interests of students and the current market so that they actually get jobs promised. I will work with higher education to ensure graduates are identified in a workforce pipeline to fill the skills gap and businesses are held accountable to higher local. Education and Jobs will offer better quality living to our Beaumont residents.


 Industry Diversification


I pledge to diversify industry to boost the economy of Beaumont in partnership with the Greater Beaumont Chamber and Entergy to understand the kind of businesses who have declined coming to the area, why those companies declined, and make plans to build a market to make us more appealing in the future. I pledge to be proactive and market our area and its attributes to attract business here. While SETX is considered the Mecca of the Petrochemical Industry and we are grateful for all of the opportunities it offers, in order to be a truly prosperous city and meet our potential we must have a variety of industry. Our future youth have a variety of interests, in order to keep them in Beaumont post education we must offer a variety opportunities.

COVID 19- Assessment and

Pro-Active Task Force


I pledge to congregate a COVID-19 Task Force of Healthcare Leaders, Elected Officials, Community Leaders, BISD, Higher Education, Businesses and Local Residents to report current data and to be a pro-active team that assesses Beaumont’s overall history with the pandemic, determine best practices, challenges and devise a plan of how we move forward with vaccine distribution. Whenever this crisis draws to a close, it is crucial that the Emergency Management Protocols are updated to provide information on public health situations similar to this so that future generations can learn from our failures, successes, and have a sturdy plan to work from. 

My platform is People Driven. In each element you will see that the betterment of the people is at the base. While there are many opportunities to help our city reach new heights and I will contribute to more beyond this list, these are what I consider the foundation for a Bigger, and Better Beaumont.

Community & Law Enforcement Relations


It is imperative that Beaumont’s Law Enforcement and it’s residents have good mutually trusting, respectful, and informative relationships in order to decrease the crime rate of Beaumont, keep the city safe, and allow both residents and law enforcement to walk fearless amongst the city.


I pledge to create a monthly roundtable inclusive of representation of law enforcement, the city of Beaumont, and the community to review crime in depth of the previous month and determine what action and/or plan we can make that month as a unified entity for improvement of crime and community relations in the form of communication, education, and activities that address the current state of crime head on and in a timely manner.

We have to come together to create a better world for our children and grand children, inlcuding crime prevention programs. Between a collaboration of resources from the City of Beaumont, Jefferson County, Beaumont Independent School District, and the community, we can provide stability that young people who are at risk need to envision an alternative lives for themselves. Rather than punitive measures, I believe that we can lift up our youth with mentorship programs the encourage gainful employment in their interests, civil engagement, and conflict resolution tools. 


 Arts and Culture


Beaumont must appeal to our youth as a place to stay and build families. In addition to having a thriving economy with lucrative jobs, we must offer quality of life in the form of arts and entertainment. Our residents must not feel the need to go elsewhere to have fun and enjoy themselves. As a board member of the Downtown Beaumont Cultural Arts District I will work to ensure that Beaumont becomes a destination hot spot through helping to revitalize our downtown area, attracting new businesses, residential living and celebrating the arts through events and entertainment.



The foundation of my platform and ideology is unity - without it, nothing can stand. A city must embrace the intricacies of its differences in order to reach its true potential. Within these differences lie strengths that must be utilized together to progress forward. Beaumont is a city rich in culture and ethnicity but currently, we are not unified. When I founded the Love thy Neighbor initiative, I envisioned breaking through the siloed communities and bringing people together for the common good. As Mayor I will lead a movement to eliminate racial division to truly love, celebrate and work with our neighbors.